Dasie: 1st Masturbation Video

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Dasie, our 25 year old Latina firefighter came back a few months later, for a second shoot, after our original model canceled. Listen as she shares with us, in detail, about her boyfriend, sexual fantasies, favorite sex position and a bunch other surprises. Watch as the photographer takes her down the path of exploration, asking probing questions which help her reveal her gorgeous natural breasts and pussy, on video for the first time. He then verbally guides her to exploring her pussy, first with her fingers then with a special clitoral toy. See first hand, as the vibrator touches her clitoris and she has trouble answering any more questions. Shot in a documentary and casting couch style. As the clit vibrator hums along, he introduces a large dildo for her to incorporate into the mix. Double fisted with both clit vibrator and dildo, she massages her pussy with a vengeance, bring herself to a tense, whimpering orgasm - her pussy now glistening wet. In between cumming, she demonstrates for the camera how she gives head, wrapping her sensual Latin lips around the firm large dildo. The final sequence, she gets into the doggy position and photographer zooms in on her lubed up pussy lips, as she glides the tip of the vibrator in circles around her pussy. Her sphincter puckers too as the stimulation from her new special tool radiates throughout her amazing body. This raw, unedited, natural HD video was fun to shoot. Enjoy! NOTES: The downloaded video files will provide for 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, however if you view them on the Bentbox platform they are displayed in a compressed resolution for optimal streaming.

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