Faces of FaerieWorlds 2019 Sunday

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Here are some of the 1,200 faeries I capture that weekend in my light-box (camera). These show a few of the shenanigans happening at the 2019 FaerieWorlds Summer Festival at Horning's Hideout in North Plains Oregon. I know this is a lot of pictures, but there was so much to see! I had so many pics to share I needed to break it up into several albums here. - This is my favorite event to participate in each year. I was just there with a day pass for Saturday/Sunday. I had walked around with my full-frame Nikon D850 along with my compact lighting rig: Flashpoint eVOLV 200 strobe light behind a 24" Westcott Octabox light modifier on a Besnofoto C-5188 carbon-fiber light stand, shot at ISO 64 for better focal depth and color saturation than most professional Togs to best show the creative participants and vendors. In my mind this is the bare minimum of what it takes to capture decent photos outdoors like this. I trust you can clearly see the difference. Having an expensive camera and lens is not nearly enough. If only it were that simple. Proper lighting is even more important than the gear you use. The weather was a nice partially overcast, so harsh shadows were much less of a problem. Event web site:

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