VIP#1-BB Learns to be a Porn Star

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All women have different moods and different sides. While I try not to be moody, sometimes we just have moods men cant understand. The bitchy side I know you dont want to hear about LOL. The sweet wife and innocent girl side you know from MM. The first picture is a example. Now, for the first time, I've decided to share a look into my wild side with a few generous gentlemen. Only prior buyers who promise me not to share with ANYBODY get the password (which gets you here). Next, if you decide you are willing to pay the cost of entry you pay Bentbox your $29 then you can view this box just like all my other boxes. No downloads so please dont ask. In the VIP galleries, ill post pics from many of my other boxes that were just too intimate to share. I'll also share some past experiences and even my secret fantasies. I hope VIP is a safe place i can share like never before, and you guys get to enjoy seeing it all.Ok now boys enjoy my first ever X rated Box. There will be lots more as I have a large number of pixs too intimate to post under my old standards, So as long as everybody honors their promise not to share or discuss outside BB we can have lots of naughty fun in VIP. Before meeting my husband, I had never been photographed in any bathing costume, let alone a bikini. In our culture, girls posing in revealing clothes or nude are scandalous. We girls love posing for pictures, but act shy about it.My first ever bikini shoot was just 3 years ago. I made it an open box so free for everybody to see. was curious and excited to pose more provocatively. While I did have some coaching, and watched some videos of models, I mostly learned on my own. Computer college did not offer modelling courses, but we did work on photo and audio video projects. . In Catholic school we were always taught that nudity and sex before marriage were bad and would be punished. While I was an top student, my mind did often wander onto the joys of boys and toys. Actually we girls never had toys really. I never saw a vibrator until late in college. We did have our fingers (although the nuns warned us not to use them). So this set of pixs (VIP#1) shows my emerging confidence and swagger as a model. From the very shy and nervous first nude pose in first few pixs to the sed seductress which I have become after getting my porn star training on my trip to the big city. In a smaller city like where I'm from, really hard to get proper pornstar training. I added some captions just to express thoughts I had when seeing some of the pictures. PLEASE give me feedback so I can make future VIP boxes even better. If you enjoyed VIP#1, check back next week because VIP#2 (Titled BB Learns to Blow) should be ready to publish .soon. . The last 3 pics are a preview of what to expect in the next installment. . .

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