Crystal: Nurse Masturbates in 4K Video for the 1st Time

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Crystal is saving up for a wedding dress and so my offer to pay her to do this follow-up video box, was enticing to her. :) Watch as we go through my regular interview process, asking all sorts of questions to get to know her better. For instance, we learn that she is not into women but has had a very sexual moment with her female best friend. Learn more about her as she reveals intimate and secret details about her fantasies and other naughty escapades - some that may surprise you. As we go through the interview process she slowly reveals more of her body, removing her clothes piece by piece. Eventually showing her tanned, sexy blonde body. She uses glycerin to lube up her body and at one point tries to lick her own sweet nipples! Watch as she spreads her pussy and at first uses her fingers to play with herself as I eventually bring out a clit vibrator for faster stimulation. Listen as she eventually has a real orgasm. If you are familiar with my work, this is unscripted, raw, sensual and real - nothing fake. Hope you all enjoy! NOTE: The downloaded video files will provide for 3840  x 2160 4K resolution, however if you view them in the Bentbox platform they are compressed for optimal streaming.

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Crystal: Nurse Masturbates in 4K Video for the 1st Time   by thekitchensink

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